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Studio West
6374 Highway 98 W
Hattiesburg, MS 39402



Robert's signature hair care products are created with all natural ingredients to provide the best results and salon quality care of your hair.



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  Robert is a 'Scissors Specialist' who attended the following Advanced Haircutting Classes at Sassoon:  
  London - 1 wk  
  Santa Monica - 1 wk  
  Los Angeles - 1 wk  
  Miami - 1 wk  
  Miami - 1 wk  

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With over 30 years of experience in hair design, Robert Douglas gives  attention to detail  naturally. 

His experience has won the loyalty of clients from both inside and outside the Hattiesburg area, including Jackson, Vicksburg, the Coast and the surrounding areas.  These clients have also become friends, which only adds to Robert's enjoyment of hair design.

If you want to experience the fun and enjoyment of a top-quality hairstyle that does what it should and makes you look great, give us a call!!  


We can schedule an appointment at your convenience, and work with you to achieve the look your want.


Contact us to let us schedule your next appointment.  You'll love the results! 



Biography & Training

Robert Douglas attended the Academy of Scientific Hair Design cosmetology school in New Orleans.


After graduating in 1972, he moved to Hattiesburg and opened his first haircutting salon in the America Building in downtown Hattiesburg, a location he maintained for two years.


When the opportunity to purchase property on Highway 49 across from USM, he seized it and moved his salon to the historic home located on the property, where he could continue to service his growing clientele.


After attending the London Beauty Festival, he attended a Vidal Sassoon Advanced Haircutting class, and the rest is history!  He continued to train with Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California and the South Beach area of Miami, Florida.

Other interests of Roberts include a passion for motorcycles and cars.  He also enjoys music, plants, cooking and his six dogs.   Robert has used some of these interests to promote fundraisers for a variety of organizations, including MDA and St. Jude's Hospital.



  The Hattiesburg American recently caught up to Douglas to discuss the job, the business practices he implements and what defines a successful haircut.  (Originally published January 4, 2008)


Q. Why do you love your job?

A. The gratification. Most stylists get recharged by going to shows. I get recharged by training. With Sassoon, you get to ask questions and get taken through the process step by step. I always leave fired up. With a show, you're sitting 50 feet back with your favorite adult beverage. In a class, it's all hands on.

Q. How long have you been cutting hair?

A. Over 30 years. I went to school at the Academy of Scientific Hair Design in New Orleans. My mom owned a shop in Biloxi and I didn't want to go back there because I wanted to be successful on my own. I decided to come to Hattiesburg and started hitchhiking to Hattiesburg on weekends to give haircuts when I was in school. After I graduated, I opened up my own shop. I've never worked for somebody else.

Q. Have you always been across the street from USM?

A. No. I was downtown for two years, and then I moved to this place. I've been here ever since.

Q. What is your favorite haircut?

A. Always the haircut that gets the best response. (Laughs.) Really, my favorite haircut is a haircut that is easy to replicate and gets good growth and lots of compliments.

Q. What are some of the challenges of your job?

A. Dealing with people. Making sure that the client and I are both on the same page. When a client says 'do whatever,' that means that they are giving you just enough rope to hang yourself. If the client doesn't like the haircut, then you've lost both the client and the opportunity. If a client loves their haircut, they may tell three or four people. If they hate it, they'll tell 30.

Q. So how do you make sure you and the client are on the same page?

A. We just talk. I find out how much time they traditionally spend on their hair, whether they blow-dry.

I can't tell you the number of times I've started talking to a client and have them admit that they're running around in the morning getting the kids to school while trying to get ready for work and spending maybe five or 10 minutes on their hair. I'm not going to give someone a cut that takes half an hour to style if they only spend 10 minutes on their hair. A good haircut is a haircut that works in real life and looks just as good at home as it did in the chair.

Q. You call yourself a "different" kind of hairstylist. How are you different?

A. You have a lot of opportunities to get your hair cut in Hattiesburg. You could go to (chain salons) and you'll get a certain level of training. I could name a lot of salons in town that are a step up from that.

If you feel like you've found a home for your hair and are happy with what you have so far, that's great. But it's not for everybody. But if you haven't found a place that works for you yet and you want a place that's a step up from what you've experienced so far, I hope to be that person.


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